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xmas wine selection

xmas wine selection

christmas is a joy season and for many people around the world is the time to meet the lovely ones, share good moments, create memories and enjoy together amazing food and… WINES.

the selection of the wines for christmas days can be either a very exciting moment and a very stressful one. the regions, the grapes, the vintages, the fermentation and ageing in barrels or barriques, the pairings… OMG, from where should we start?!?!

a very important thing that I’ve learned through the years is - never open your favorite bottles on these days! 1. people are very busy and there’s never a proper and relaxing moment to enjoy and taste carefully the wines that are usually rare stuff and you have a particularly feeling of love to them. 2. it’s probably the time of the year that family and friends use to eat and drink more (how many xmas dinners do you have this season?!), so our bodies are reaching their limits and they are about to deserve teas and soups more than everything else!

3. not saying that your family and friends are not willing for a very special wine for xmas, but come on: you’ll probably have people on your contacts who would be delighted and we will understand better that bottle that you’ve been kept in your locker for long time, looking forward to perfect occasion.

so, I decided to help you this christmas and I prepare a selection of wines, which will convert your holidays into very special days.

this selection is divided in 3 kind of wines, because even if it is a season mainly for red wines, there’s always someone on the table who will prefer another one.

these wines have more complexity and structure and they also have good potential for ageing, because traditionally xmas meals deserve a more powerful wines to pair with.

serving suggestions: temperature 12-14C, glass style - chardonnay. 

poças branco da ribeira


wine & soul guru

künstler riesling GG hochheim hölle

on this category I tried to be the most eclectic person, although it’s not easy!

these wines are special wines and I’ve had the chance to taste them all in the last years. they are wines with lots of personality, wines that are the result of the best and strongest effort of their winemakers/producers and they also reveal the best of the places where they were born.

serving suggestions: temperature 15-16C, glass style - long and opened enough for a good aeration, decanter - if the wine has some sediments or if you prefer to drink it with more oxygenation.


casa passarela vindima

aalto PS

chateau pichon longueville

qta carvalhas VV 2019

qta valbom VV

júlio bastos AB

maquete barro

fortified wines must be a must at every table or couch! in front of the fire place grab you fortified wine, but don’t forget to put them on the fridge before start your meal or keep them at the correct temperature to be served. it’s very common to serve fortified wines at room temperature, which is a huge mistake, specially if you are in europe during the winter time and the rooms are heated up like hell. so please avoid it and chill your port, madeira, moscatel, sauternes, tokaj and so…

serving suggestions: temperature 16C, glass style - personally I rather prefer drink these wines on a red wine glass, although it is always pleasant to drink it on a fortified wine glass, such as the schott zwiesel x siza vieira collab glass.

qta noval vintage 2016

barbeito sercial frasqueira

is the bond between wine and food world, but it is also the passion for them and the amazing emotions that they can make us feel. ello is a girl and a boy seeking for the best of food and wine. ello is a moment, a table, a wine cellar, it’s a cheese board, a bunch of friends, a flower bouquet and all together.

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