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why do we love emeralds?

why do we love emeralds?

emerald, a variety of transparent green beryl, is one of the most prized and valuable gemstones in the world. its characteristic green, a bright, strong tone that ranges from medium to dark green, gives it a certain allure, and it is considered a symbol of power and success in many cultures. for example, it is said that emeralds were one of the 4 gems given by God to king solomon, giving him power over the rest of creation. they are also mentioned in hindu culture in ancient manuscripts as a symbol of purity of soul, wealth and success. in classical greek culture, they appear in the temple of hercules, and romans worshipped emeralds and associated them with fertility and the ability to heal. in the middle ages, alexander the great wore a magical emerald on his belt.

the earliest known emerald mine is located in the mountainous valley of wadi sikait in the eastern desert of egypt, where it is believed that emerald mining began towards the end of the ptolemaic period in the first century b.c. even though mining began before her time, it's reported to be one of cleopatra's favorite stones.

the most famous emerald is the rockefeller emerald, an impressive 18.04 carat emerald that was owned by the rockefeller family for decades. in 2017, harry winston bought the bright green emerald for $5.5 million at christie's auction in new york, making it the most expensive emerald ever sold at auction on a per-carat basis.

before the sale, the record was held by elizabeth taylor's 23.46 carat bulgari pendant. that was sold by christie's in the year 2000 for a little more than $6.5 million, but the price per carat was significantly less. 

truth is, emerald exudes a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication that transcends trends and makes them an essential part of any jeweler's collection. CINCO has several pieces in its collection with this incredible gemstone, from the most daring piercings to timeless pieces. 

salt hoop 18k emeraldlime hoop 18k emerald + balalai stud 18k emerald + mush stud 18k emerald

from their historical significance to their rare and unique color, emeralds continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of all of us. the allure of emeralds lies in their beauty, symbolism and mystique, making them a treasured gemstone for generations to come.

emerald and diamond 18k necklace hannah bracelet 18k emerald

andreea ali wearing mock necklace emerald 18k


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