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we spoke with majatu. studio

we spoke with majatu. studio

one important thing in growing as a brand is making meaningful connections. we were already big admirers of MAJATU. STUDIO as a brand, and a few years ago we got the happy opportunity to work with them and take a big step in our brand. in 2021 we launched our first ever collection of gold jewelry, ‘the starter’, and this collection wouldn’t be what it is without the amazing vision the team of MAJATU. VISION brought to the campaign we worked together on. they are truly inspiring and making big moves towards taking portugal to the next level in the the fashion and production industries.

sara peixoto, 27 years old, with a bachelors degree in economy and a masters in fashion and luxury business, along with her childhood friend jorge silva ribeiro, 29 years old, with a masters in architecture, decided to partner up and create what we know today as MAJATU. STUDIO and MAJATU. VISION.

I got to ask sara and jorge a few questions about how it all started and what’s in store for the future.

RITA: what inspired you to create MAJATU. STUDIO and MAJATU. VISION?

MAJATU: the basis of this creation begins with a childhood friendship between two people who are passionate about the wold of fashion and who believe they can bring something new to this industry. for us founders, the brand emerged with the intent to give life to our dreams and ambitions, and put into work our ideas and aesthetic vision.

this journey with MAJATU. STUDIO started off with the idea of expressing our creativity through fashion and accessory design, while having an innovative and entrepreneurial approach.

MAJATU. VISION arised organically through our contact with li furtado, the founder of CINCO, who saw potential in us to produce campaigns for other brands. through this inicial contact, new opportunities came up for commercials and editorial issues, which all have allowed us to grow and gain a relevant position in the industry. again, this project is what it is today because of our jointed love for this industry and endless opportunities we believe exist.

the starter 03

RITA: what does a normal day at MAJATU looks like?

MAJATU: the interesting part of working with something that is ours is that our days are never the same… there are constant challenges we have to find solutions for, from answering emails, shipping orders, visit manufacturers and suppliers, plan campaigns and even explore new paths. we are a team of two people who are responsible for all the departments of the brand and agency, and that results in us having a very deep know-how of all the sectors involved in the creation of a business.

the starter 07,

the starter 05, the starter 02the starter 03

RITA: what is it like to be a project of this level in portugal, and having the intent to expand beyond what you already have, while still maintaining a very strong Portuguese root in what you do?

MAJATU: for us, it wouldn’t make sense to launch a brand that didn’t have a strong portuguese standpoint. in fact, we are currently working on a new project, complementary to the brand, that looks into strengthening our bond to viana do castelo, the city that saw us grow and gave us so many opportunities, and will certainly be a differentiating factor in our brand. taking a little bit of our essence beyond borders is one of our main goals for the future, and we won’t stop until we see portugal getting the praise it deserves in the international markets.

the starter 02the starter 03the starter 07

the starter 03the starter 07, the starter 06

RITA: what is your biggest triumph so far, and what do you expect to accomplish this year?

MAJATU: for us, every accomplishment, big or small, is a triumph. of course some moments stand out, like the nominations for the international festivals for fashion film, as we won the award for best fashion film of a brand in portugal, being able to work with people and brands that we admire so much and that allow us to have new experiences, etc. everything we have experienced so far has allowed us to work towards becoming better professionals and achieving new goals.

for this year we have planned two collaboration launches, one with an illustrator (find it here) and another with a brand we can’t quite share yet. we also aim to grow our agency, reaching more markets and boosting our country in the industry.

the starter 03the starter 07the starter 03the starter 07the starter 01

RITA: lastly, if you can pick one, what is the MAJATU. STUDIO must-have all our readers should have in their closets?

MAJATU: our blazers are the piece we believe every person would want in their closer. besides being sophisticated and minimalistic, these stand out for the quality of its materials and for its timeless cut and fit.

the starter 05


rita jordão is the senior designer at CINCO, was born in ’97 and is graduated in multimedia and communication design. loves every expression of art and suffers from FOMO. also born to make others have a good laugh through her social awareness jokes.

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