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sip into the season: let's talk about tea

sip into the season: let's talk about tea

it is one of the oldest and most popular beverages in the world and according to chinese legend, tea was invented in 2737 B.C. by the chinese emperor shen nong, who was known as a scholar, herbalist, creative scientist, and patron of the arts. the emperor believed that drinking boiled water contributed to good health. one summer day, while his servants were outside boiling water, some camellia leaves fell into the water. enchanted by the flavor and fragrance, the emperor began drinking the infusion. but it was during the song dynasty that tea consumption became popular, as its production and value increased. china is still the largest producing country, but other countries such as india, kenya, sri lanka and vietnam are also major producing countries.although its history begins in the east, the truth is that we associate tea with england. it's so ingrained in it's culture that we can't separate one from the other. in fact, it all began when the portuguese infanta catarina de bragança married king charles II in 1662. her dowry consisted of money, spices, jewels and tea. tea was already popular at the portuguese court due to the trade routes established in the east.

this is how the love of tea began in england, and now that experience isn't reserved for royals. we can find luxury in places like the beaumont, where tea is served in the art deco gatsby room, fusing classic english tea with a certain american style. or the petersham nurseries, a perfect place to escape from city bustle and experience a classic afternoon delight. not only in england, but all over the world we find wonderful spots dedicated to this ritual. like fouquet's dubai, a place full of charm and elegance. or the drake hotel in chicago, where princess diana, queen elizabeth and the empress of japan have been seen in the palm court room, where the drake's traditional tea service takes place.but making tea part of your routine doesn't require fancy experiments. studies show that drinking tea has several benefits; black tea, for example, helps lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of stroke. and because it contains l-theanine, it's a great coffee substitute to help you stay awake. green tea, on the other hand, has antioxidant properties that help reduce plaque buildup in the arteries, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

it doesn't take a da-hong pao ($1.2 million/kg!) to make this a pleasant moment at home, whether alone, to share or even as a gift ... tea is always a good idea.


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