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resolution we never fulfill, let's be realistic

resolution we never fulfill, let's be realistic

the start of a new year brings with it the idea of change, of starting over and starting again. in reality, it's just another day on the calendar... but the symbolism is there and there's no denying it.

after a night of celebration, toasts and wishes... the beginning of the day is full of resolutions. we feel more optimistic for this beginning, especially young people, and believe we can keep this promise and really change our lives for the better. actually according to some polls only 20% keep the promises they make. the most popular resolutions are self-improvement resolutions (23 percent to be healthy, 21 percent to be happy, 20 percent to lose weight, 7 percent to exercise, 5 percent to quit smoking, and 2 percent to drink less). in addition, people have resolutions to achieve career or job goals (16%) and improve their relationships (11%).

perhaps these notes can help you make attainable resolutions:
1. it is much easier to keep a resolution if it is in line with your priorities.
2. get super specific about how you'll work toward your goals. If they are too abstract, they will be harder to achieve.
3. get mini-resolutions. breaking down your resolutions into bite-sized goals helps people stick to them.
4. reward yourself for staying on track.
5. prepare yourself for the feeling of wanting to stop and just enjoy the rest days.

even if you don't keep all of your resolutions, it's always a good idea to make them. it's a moment when we're honest with ourselves and it shows us that we really know what we need to do to be happier and healthier.

it also gives us hope and makes us more optimistic. it's a positive experience that motivates us to take action. if it's a positive experience, it improves our mental health and makes us feel better about relating to each other. finally, if you're one of the 20%, you've made it. and you can inspire others to make it.

with all of this in mind, take some time to think about your life and the small (or big) changes that are within your control. don't forget about your resolutions for the new year.

cláudia cavaleiro the editor in chief for CINCO editorial. born in '82 in coimbra, she is graduated in philosophy from the university of coimbra. passionate about books and podcasts in a geek kind of way, she always find something interesting to research. loves to bring awareness to social problems and loves working at CINCO!

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