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quizz moment: are you a silver or a gold person?

quizz moment: are you a silver or a gold person?

gold jewelry has been a consistent trend in recent years, and although gold pieces are an eternal trend, this year we see silver pieces reappearing in force in both fashion shows and street wear.

the question now is, am I a silver or gold person? with any new purchase there is always the question of what suits us better, so perhaps a few tips will help guide us to make a choice that will accentuate our beauty.

what's your skin undertone?

1. cool (fair skin with red or pale undertones)

2. warm (warm skin tones ranging from tan to olive and dark tones)

3. neutral (neutral skin tone is a mixture of warm and cool tones for a mid-tone, often the same color as your undertone)

while your skin tone—fair, medium, dark—may be immediately obvious to the naked eye, you'll have to look a little bit harder  to figure out your skin's undertone.
tip: one way to do this is to check the color of your veins. just take a close look at your wrist or elbow. are your veins mostly blue? then your skin has a cool undertone. are your veins more green? then your skin has a warm undertoneIf you have neutral undertones, then your veins may appear colorless or match the color of your skin

what color are your eyes and hair?

1. light hair and blue or green eyes.

2. dark hair and brown eyes.

3. dark hair or golden brown with brown or green eyes.


1. congratulations! you're team silver.

silver is best choice for those with blue and green eyes and light hair, because your skin has a cool undertone. your skin with look more luminous, with silver items.

2. congratulations! you're team gold.

for those with warm skin tones, gold will complement your complexion and enhance your overall look. warm skin tones are typically characterized by a gold, peach or yellow tone in the skin, and gold provides a harmonious and flattering look.


3. congratulation! your complexion is versatile and you can wear silver, gold or mixed metals! the rules of what shades work best for you are not simple as they are for warm or cool complexions.

but the best thing for all undertones is to try wearing a set of gold jewelry and a set of silver jewelry, on different occasions. try each one with different outfits and in different types of lighting. ask your friends what they think of it. if the skin tone test worked for you, then great! 

but if not, off course you don't have to stick to one or the other.

not least because the rule of not mixing metals is completely out. why wear just gold or just silver when you can wear a combination of the two?

two-tone pieces are a big trend in jewelry. it is visually very interesting and allows you not only to have the 2 colors, but also to mix finishes: smooth and matte, shiny and brushed metals.

we can mix silver and gold pieces, overlap bracelets or necklaces. layering jewelry is one of the best ways to make your look reflect your personality and taste.

cláudia cavaleiro the editor in chief for CINCO editorial. born in '82 in coimbra, she is graduated in philosophy from the university of coimbra. passionate about books and podcasts in a geek kind of way, she always find something interesting to research. loves to bring awareness to social problems and loves working at CINCO!

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congratulations! your order qualifies for free shipping you are 150€ away from free shipping.
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