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preserving freedom requires something from you: celebrating "25 de abril"

preserving freedom requires something from you: celebrating "25 de abril"

the fact that I'm from the 80's guarantees that I was brought up by many whose voice was oppressed. I was born in the midst of a freedom that was conquered. I grew up with phases of struggle and still many wounds to heal. I heard stories of fear, stories of repression and many of imprisonment. that is why I know that this vague idea of what freedom is must be safeguarded by each one of us, in a global context of society, always respecting the principle of the english philosopher herbert spencer "the freedom of each ends where the freedom of the other begins", regardless of who the other is.

portugal is celebrating 50 years of freedom. this means that the period of democracy is now slightly longer than the period of dictatorship... april 25th is a day of remembrance and gratitude to those who fought for democracy, risking everything for a better future. today, more than ever, I think it is very important to remember that freedom is not a static state, but a constant struggle that requires vigilance, solidarity and active participation in shaping the society we want to live in... today, freedom really requires something from all of us.

april 25th, better known as the carnation revolution, marked the end of the fascist and conservative regime in portugal and the beginning of a new era. what do I call freedom? more than a concept, for me freedom is a way of life. being able to see the world from many different perspectives and enjoy it without fear is one of the most incredible things we can have these days. and it feels so good to be a woman who can stand up for what she believes in!

april 25th isn't just a holiday. for me, it's about change, being able to be myself. thanks to that date, I have freedom in every sense of the word. for me, who was born so far away from this revolution, 28 years later, I feel so close to the cause. 50 years ago I couldn't vote, I didn't have access to education, I didn't have the freedom to express myself... april 25th means everything I am today!

as a woman, april 25th means a lot to me. because of all those who marched on april 25, 1974, I am able to vote, work, and have access to education these days.
for me, this day is a constant reminder that we must never stop fighting for freedom; the people united will never be defeated.

50 years ago, the portuguese people marched through lisbon building a revolutionary movement in secret. today, we don't know what it's like to live without freedom. we lived oppressed and afraid to express ourselves. this day should be celebrated by paying tribute to all those who contributed to the establishment of democracy in this country, giving us the freedom to be who we really want to be.

as someone who didn't live through dictatorship, it seems to me that we often forget that the freedoms and rights we take for granted today were only possible thanks to the courage of those who fought before us. the comfortable feeling that freedom and democracy have brought us often makes us focus only on what we haven't yet achieved, forgetting the incredible journey we've taken. today forces us to remember, to pay tribute and to appreciate our reality. but for me, it is also a small flame of hope. in the polarized world we live in, marked by conflict and injustice, this day makes me believe that a better world is possible.

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