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power couples who make us believe in fairy tales

power couples who make us believe in fairy tales

the concept is not new, but it is the idea that a famous couple's union can bring them not only personal happiness, but so much publicity that they become far more profitable together than apart. the more skeptical will say that these unions are often marketing strategies. but romantics like us will see that only with love, companionship, and support can relationships last so long. isn't that what we always want?
they don't deny their crises and problems, and some break up (even with very public, ugly and expensive divorces), but others, like the ones we've chosen, survive and inspire us; that can only be love.


in 2011 they became friends... a year later, in september 2012, they got married in a private ceremony in south carolina. they had their first child in 2024, their second in 2016, their third in 2019 and their fourth in 2023! known for their sense of humor, they show incredible complicity and together they seem to have reached the goal of being the right couple.


they met in 2006 when chrissy starred in the video for the song "stereo". they started dating immediately and in 2011, during a vacation in the maldives, john legend proposed to her. the model appeared again in the music video for "all of me", a song dedicated to her, and a few months later, in september 2013, they got married on lake cuomo in italy.
in 2016, they became parents for the first time, and the couple has been open about the difficulties of getting pregnant and the postpartum depression. in 2018, they had their second child, but in 2020, in a moment of great sadness, they shared the loss of the third child they had been expecting. in january 2023 another child was born and in june the fourth was born through surrogacy. they share a lot of their life with the public, the happy moments but also the great sadness. and they seem genuinely happy and invested in their family.


together for 30 years, they are one of those couples that have stood the test of time. they have become the very public face of same-sex unions, helping to break down prejudice. they met through a mutual friend in 1993 and soon began dating. although same-sex marriage was not legal in the united kingdom, civil partnerships had recently been introduced for gay couples. then, on december 21, 2005, elton john and david furnish became the first gay couple in the uk to legalize their relationship through a civil partnership. by 2014, same-sex marriage had been legalized by the british court system. on december 21, 2014, john and furnish tied the knot. the star-studded ceremony was attended by famous friends, including ed sheeran, david and victoria beckham. they have two children together.



married for 25 years and with four children together, victoria and david beckham have supported each other over the years and created a true empire together. over the years, there have been rumors of problems in their marriage, but they have remained together and have repeatedly stated that despite the setbacks, they remain together out of love.


when they met, beyoncé was only 18, but when you know... you know! more than 20 years later and with three children together, they are undoubtedly one of the most popular couples in pop culture history. despite the breakup rumors that have surfaced over the years, their relationship has remained strong, both because of their professional collaborations and their desire to stay together.


for many years, george clooney was the most sought-after bachelor in the movie business. one of the most charming men in the world, with several high-profile girlfriends over the years, he just didn't seem to want to settle down. of course, everything changes when you meet the right person, and that's what happened when he met amal through a mutual friend in 2013. in september 2014, they married in a private ceremony iniItaly, at the luxurious venetian aman canal grande and in 2017, they became parents of twins. together they founded the clooney foundation for justice's, an organization that provides free legal assistance to victims of human rights abuses in over 40 countries around the world.


they met in 1989 when they were both lawyers. they married three years later and had two daughters: malia and sasha. in 2008, their life changed dramatically when obama became president of the usa. it can't have been an easy time for family life during his two terms in office and the public exposure, but 32 years later they still show the same charming complicity.

began dating in 2007, and after a brief hiatus, they got engaged in 2011 and married in october 2012. their first child was born in 2015 and their second in 2020. more than 10 years later, they continue to support each other's projects and through social media, we can see how happy and invested they seem to be in their relationship.


despite the 30-year age difference between them, sarah paulson and holland taylor have never hidden the love that unites them and that is much stronger than that difference. this may seem unusual to some, but listening to them talk about their relationship only shows that love is what really matters.


apart from being incredibly talented actors, they are both so attractive that it is almost impossible not to be a little fascinated by the duo. they are said to have fallen in love while starring in the movie "light between oceans", in which they played a couple who, unable to have children, end up taking a baby found in a shipwreck as their own.
their on-screen chemistry proved to be real, and when alicia vikander won the oscar for best supporting actress for "the danish girl" and kissed michael fassebender, the relationship became public. they have kept a very low profile, getting married in 2017 and becoming parents for the first time in 2020, having spoken openly about the difficulties they experienced in conceiving.
cláudia cavaleiro the editor in chief for CINCO editorial. born in '82 in coimbra, she is graduated in philosophy from the university of coimbra. passionate about books and podcasts in a geek kind of way, she always find something interesting to research. loves to bring awareness to social problems and loves working at CINCO!

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