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matching drinks with rings

matching drinks with rings

summer is here, and that means it's time to enjoy refreshing drinks on rooftops and outdoor patios. to make your summer experience even more enjoyable, we have curated a collection of our favorite rings that will perfectly complement your fresh summer drinks. whether you're sipping on a fruity cocktail or a chilled glass of lemonade, these rings will add a touch of elegance and style to your summer gatherings.

when it comes to statement jewelry, remember that less often means more. you don't want to overwhelm your outfit with too many pieces and sometimes you can't beat the classics! it is timeless and sophisticated… that’s right, I’m talking about our blake ring but the same goes for a classy aperol: never goes out of style!

- ice
- 3 ounces [1 part] aperol
- 3 ounces [1 par]) dry prosecco
- 1 ounce [a splash] club soda or unflavored sparkling water
- orange slice, for garnish 

 blake ring vs aperol

next up is something that exudes elegance and takes my breath away… meet our june ring, pairing with an amazing mojito. june ring, as you know, has a elaborate band perfectly balanced with a clear and simple gemstone. mojitos are one of the best drinks to cool down in the summer time for the same reason: balance. the mint taste is light and refreshing, while the lime juice adds a tart kick the sugar balances out the acidity of the lime juice, while the rum provides a smooth, boozy finish.

- crushed ice
- fresh mint leaves
- ½ medium lime, cut into 3 wedges, divided
- 2 tablespoons brown sugar, or to taste
- 1 ½ fluid ounces white rum
- ½ cup
club soda, or as needed

june ring vs mojito

sophisticated and sexy: olsen ring paring with a sweet lavender lemonade. anything works best in your favor when you carry your lemonade and wear your chunky ring with confidence and grace!

- 6 cups water
- ½ cup granulated sugar, or to taste
- ¼ cup honey
- 3 tablespoons dried culinary lavender
- 2 cups squeezed lemon juice
- lemon slices, for garnish
- lavender petals,
 for garnish

june ring vs lavender lemonade

like our jose ring, the margarita is a drink that doesn't require an introduction. margaritas can be served at a range of events, from more formal gatherings to informal get-togethers with friends. can you see how our jose ring is similar? what a wonderful match!

- ice

- 50ml tequila
- 25ml lime juice
- 20ml triple sec
- salt, for garnish
- 2 lime wedges, for garnish

jose ring vs margarita

as you indulge in rooftop gatherings and sip on your favorite summer drinks, don't forget to adorn your fingers with the perfect rings. tell us about your choices! whether you prefer vibrant and colorful gemstones, elegant and timeless designs, or bold and statement-making pieces, there's a cinco ring out there that will beautifully complement your fresh summer drinks!

sofia torres is the digital media designer at CINCO. born in '97, she believes her strong passion for what she does enables her to create meaningful work. her educational background includes a master in multimedia design at the university of coimbra. since day one, she's loving working at CINCO.

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