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is facebook really listening to you?

is facebook really listening to you?

is facebook secretly listening to your conversations through your smartphone? well, yes and no. 

companies like apple and google collect data from virtual assistants such as google assistant and siri, and they may access data either directly or indirectly, depending on the specific circumstances. when you use voice-enabled features your interactions are recorded and processed to improve the accuracy and functionality of these tools. during this process, audio recordings of your voice commands or queries may be stored temporarily or permanently.

on what concerns facebook, it may collect data indirectly through integrations with these voice-enabled tools. for example, if you use one of these tools to search for something on the internet and click on a link that leads to a facebook page, facebook may collect data about your activity.

however, concerns about online privacy are valid, and it's important to understand how data is collected and used. facebook uses advanced algorithms to analyze the data you willingly share, your online activity, and the information you provide in your profile to create personalized ads.

so, the targeted ads you see are a result of your online behavior and the data you've shared, either by searching for it or using some type of virtual assistant. but how can one improve their online privacy?

  1. adjust your ad preferences: facebook allows you to customize your ad preferences to control the types of ads you see

  2. limit data shared with advertisers: in your facebook settings, you can control the amount of personal information shared with advertisers.

  3. opt-out of targeted advertising: you can opt out of seeing targeted ads on facebook based on your activity outside of facebook.

  4. manage app permissions: review the permissions granted to apps you have connected to your facebook account.

  5. regularly review and update privacy settings: visit the privacy settings section in your facebook account and review the settings related to who can see your posts, who can contact you, and who can access your personal information.

in conclusion, facebook is not secretly listening to your conversations. instead, it's using data you've shared and your online behavior to serve you ads tailored to your interests. although it might seem as if it's listening or even "reading your thoughts", technology is not that advanced. yet.


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