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interview with a binge collector from CINCO

interview with a binge collector from CINCO

are you a jewelry lover? do you find yourself constantly adding new pieces to your collection? well, you're not alone! having many jewelry pieces is a common obsession for many fashion enthusiasts. it's not just about looking pretty; it's about expressing ourselves and giving our outfits that extra oomph. 

that's why we decided to ask the dear sara sebastião what it is that makes her have such a great collection of CINCO pieces.

when did you hear about CINCO?
li and I became friends a long time ago (back when blogging was a cool thing) and I was privileged to be the first to know about her little (not so little anymore) CINCO project. I have been privileged to follow every single step, and I couldn't be prouder of what CINCO has become.

how many CINCO items are in your collection?
76 pieces, OMG WHAT?

which one is your favourite piece?
my favourite pieces of the moment are magda huggies and elin bracelet, all in gold, of course.

what is the meaning of jewellery for you?
can’t live without! jewellery allows to express myself, allows my looks to come to life, I’m not me without jewellery, that’s why earrings and bracelets never come off.

what is your favourite accessory besides jewellery?
not sure if it can be considered an accessory, but make-up, not an expert but really love to try new brands and products.

cláudia cavaleiro the editor in chief for CINCO editorial. born in '82 in coimbra, she is graduated in philosophy from the university of coimbra. passionate about books and podcasts in a geek kind of way, she always find something interesting to research. loves to bring awareness to social problems and loves working at CINCO!

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