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inspiring women to be remembered: rosalind franklin

inspiring women to be remembered: rosalind franklin

born in 1920 in notting hill, london, rosalind franklin showed an interest in learning and studying from an early age. she attended cambridge university, graduating in chemistry.  in the 1940s, she devoted herself to studying mineral coal. rosalind's discoveries were used in the production of gas masks in the world war II. years later, she worked in paris, learning to use x-rays as a way of studying objects and discovering what they are made of. she thus became a pioneer in x-ray crystallography research.

in 1952, with these discoveries, she was invited to work at king's college. during this time, rosalind managed to obtain images of dna ("photograph 51"). dna had already been investigated before, but rosalind was the first to realize what it was made up of, so it was no longer a mystery. despite her important discovery, rosalind was not recognised. she lived at a time when women were not recognised for their discoveries and achievements.

after she made her discovery, three scientists appropriated her photograph to write an article for a magazine, without revealing the source. rosalind also wrote an article on the same subject, but with much less relevance. she didn't challenge the injustice and began to study another subject. she died in 1958, aged 37, from cancer caused by heavy x-ray exposure. after her death in 1962, the three scientists were awarded the nobel prize in medicine for their "own" discovery of dna.

rosalind changed science completely with her many discoveries. although she wrote several articles and helped to understand numerous diseases, the scientist did not receive due credit for her enormous discovery. rosalind helped other scientists realize that dna is the building block of all life, and only recently has the world begun to understand her.

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