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forever bonded: personalized jewelry for mother's day

forever bonded: personalized jewelry for mother's day

if you blink it’s already mother’s day, so it's time to express gratitude and appreciation for these incredible women in our lives. what better way to do so than with a heartfelt gift that captures the essence of your love and admiration? we offer you a stunning collection of engravable pieces that allow you to create a truly unique and meaningful gift for your mother.

i’m going to share with you some quotes to engrave on these pieces, from movies and tv shows, but you’re free to choose how you want to dedicate it to your mother!

- “I love you 3000”

this quote is one of the most remarkable quotes from the marvel universe. in the avengers: endgame, tony starks is putting his daughter to bed, and just as he is closing the door, he says, "I love you tons," and she replies, "I love you 3000." within a few days of its release, the quote became an instant fan-favorite moment.

jodie huggies

- “in every universe”

another quote from the marvel universe, this time used in a romantic way. but you can love your mother as much as you love your partner right? the quote in question is “I love you in every universe”. you can engrave the complete sentence or opt for an inspired one, such as “in every universe”.

jodie necklace

- “you are my person”

a quote from the tv show “grey’s anatomy”, who doesn’t know it? expression used between two best friends which is perfect! my mother is my best friend! you can also opt for just “my person” for a shorter engrave.

charlotte bracelet

- “the heart of the family”

last but not least, a sentence not specifically mentioned in the tv show but the fans of gilmore girls attribute the quote “a mother’s love is the heart of the family” to the tv show, because it explores from beginning to end the relationship between a mother and her daughter.

aimee necklace

francisca amado is an internship student, from a communication and multimedia design degree , currently in CINCO team. born and raised in the outskirts of coimbra. always showing creativity and ambition, since very young.

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congratulations! your order qualifies for free shipping you are 150€ away from free shipping.
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