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family fun: top 10 board games

family fun: top 10 board games

board games have been a staple of family entertainment for decades! I can tell you that in my family it is mandatory to play board games on christmas eve. for this reason I’m an expert on board games (or at least I’ve played enough board games to be able to guide you thought it eheh). in this article I’ll explore some of the best board games that are guaranteed to bring joy to you and your family/friends.

board games bring people together, encourage friendly competition, and provide hours of fun and laughter. with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right board game. here you have some options:

created in 1935, monopoly is the world’s favorite family gaming brand. we all know it! while the original monopoly game is still going strong, there are now more versions than anyone can count, including ones based on star wars, empire, disney princesses, and even minions. you can find electronic and on-the-go versions, plus an app for every device!2. TRIVIAL
the classic version of this iconic game, and the must-have version, includes six knowledge categories: geography, entertainment, history, arts & literature, science & nature, and sports & leisure. In the 2000s edition, for instance, includes the categories of places, entertainment, events, the arts, science & tech, and sports & hobbies. if that doesn’t challenge your brain, I don’t know what will! you can team up or play individually.3. CATAN
catan is a strategic board game that requires players to build settlements, cities, and roads on an island. the main goal is to accumulate resources and trade with other players to become the dominant force on the island. with its simple rules and endless possibilities, catan is perfect for players of all ages.4. TICKET TO RIDE
ticket to ride is a cross-country train adventure game that challenges players to build railway routes across north america. the objective is to connect cities and complete routes to earn points. with its beautiful artwork and easy-to-learn gameplay, this board game is a hit among both casual and seasoned board game enthusiasts!5. CODENAMES
codenames is a word association game that requires players to guess words based on clues given by their teammates! it's a game of deduction and teamwork that will have your family engaged and entertained for hours, I promise you! codenames is highly replayable, as the word combinations are always changing, ensuring a fresh experience every time you play.6. DIXIT
dixit is a storytelling and deduction game that sparks creativity and imagination. players take turns being the storyteller and must come up with a clue based on a beautifully illustrated card. dixit follows the same style as apples to apples or cards against humanity, but with pictures instead of words. this is a game that encourages thinking outside the box and is sure to inspire laughter and conversation. It’s quite fun, and also very easy learn, so it's great for family members of all ages.7. SCRABBLE
one of my favorites. scrabble is a classic word game that challenges players to create words on a game board using letter tiles. with its simple rules and endless word possibilities, scrabble is a game that can be enjoyed by both young and old. it's a great way to improve vocabulary and spelling skills while having a blast with your family.

in pictonary, the quick-draw family game, players find out who's “the artist” in the family and who really isn’t! in this game, the guesses can be just as hilarious as the sketches. players use markers to draw their best rendition of the clue on the card, with a one-minute deadline. if team members just aren't getting it, the player tries a different direction. players take turns drawing, so everyone gets to channel their inner artist! since 1985, pictonary has proven itself to be the ultimate party game!9. PARTY & CO
this board game is made out of 5 different games and each game has to be done correctly to earn a disk. the different categories are charades, drawing, trivia, lipreading and word guessing. can you imagine the fun? earn 5 disks and you win the game. it’s a fun game for a reasonable price.

last but not least, cluedo is also on my top 3: a fun murder mystery board game. this is the classic detective game! in cluedo, players move from room to room in a mansion to solve the mystery of: who done it, with what, and where? this board game has always been one of my family's favorites. I always choose miss scarlett, an investigative journalist whose identity is hidden… which character do you usually chose?these are just a few examples of the best board games for family fun! whether you're looking for strategy, teamwork, creativity, or wordplay, there's a board game out there that will suit your family's preferences. gather around the table in this xmas season, roll the dice, and let the fun begin. happy games!

sofia torres is the digital media designer at CINCO. born in '97, she believes her strong passion for what she does enables her to create meaningful work. her educational background includes a master in multimedia design at the university of coimbra. since day one, she's loving working at CINCO.

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