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happy children's day

happy children's day

today is a happy day for our entire team since we're launching our first EDITORIAL article. yeahhh! we all feel very enthusiastic about this new CINCO project. additionally, because it's children's day, it's an even more wonderful day! since children represent the beginning and creation of everything, we chose to commemorate this day as our official start.
children's day is celebrated on many dates across the world, but it always takes place on june 1st in portugal. this day seeks to impact the way children are treated by bringing awareness to the problems they face. unfortunately, as we all are aware, children have been historically the weakest and most fragile link of society. as a result, they have been victims of all kinds of violence.

however, we take this day as a sign of hope. in the last three decades there are undeniable achievements, even though we are along way from covering children’s needs the reality is that children’s lives have improved. They benefit from a better heath care, public safety and support for their physical and mental well-being in some countries.

so, what does it means to be a child in the XXI century? well, studies show that they are likely to be an only child, with less opportunities to interact with siblings and with over protective parents. they also have less free time to play and the old school activities like playing outside, ridding a bike, playing hide and seek or skipping rope are losing ground for more technological toys.

it is also true that changes in lifestyle have led to rising obesity and anxiety rates. every generation has is own challenges, so there isn't much of a point in trying to compare them. modern kids will have new skills, more alined with the challenges of their time. we are already noticing their environmental awareness, respect for cultural diversity and support for gender equality.

in this special day we want to celebrate all children, their innocence and joy and all their potencial. one day, they will became adults capable of making the world a better place.

we wish a joyful children’s day to every kid in the world! to take some advantage of their creativity and team work, we would love to see what jewelry design suggestions they can come up with. get a pencil and some paper and let them have fun drawing fresh new CINCO pieces.

we also interviewed the pediatric doctor ana silva on how to improve social-emotional skills on children.

cláudia cavaleiro the editor in chief for CINCO editorial. born in '82 in coimbra, she is graduated in philosophy from the university of coimbra. passionate about books and podcasts in a geek kind of way, she always find something interesting to research. loves to bring awareness to social problems and loves working at CINCO!

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