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beauty sustainability

beauty sustainability

nowadays, the beauty industry is progressively embracing sustainable practices and eco-friendly products as part of its approach to environmental responsibility. there’re already a new brands that stand out in this specific scenario, with a strong commitment to sustainability, to offer good quality products and to maintain a high level of environmental awareness. dermalogica, origins and byoma are some of the many examples.

when it comes to makeup, rms beauty is the best choice if you’re looking for a responsible brand that spends the minimum as possible. created by a makeup artist determined to show that makeup can be made with better and safer ingredients, without compromising its quality and with an overall concern, both for what we are putting on our bodies and for the end result. if you've never heard of the brand, eyelights cream eyeshadow is a good way to get started. 

eyelights cream eyeshadow, rms beauty

there’s a visible effort coming from brands to become more sustainable. what can we do? what small changes can we make to make our contribution? when we choose a product, we should pay more attention to the packaging, and make the decision to choose those that come in a recyclable packaging or are made from recycled materials. in addition, the refill option is gaining popularity, giving us the opportunity to refill our beauty products in a more sustainable way.

there are some interesting trends such as reusable eye masks, like onekind, which not only allows us to enjoy the benefits of our favorite serums, but also reduce the environmental impact, since the mask can be used repeatedly.


the use of washcloths and pads not only offers a gentle experience for the skin, but also helps to reduce the waste associated with single-use products.


it's important to point out that, in addition to the brands' actions, we have an active responsibility in the life cycle of beauty products. when they reach the end of their life with us, we must ensure that they are properly recycled, and it is crucial to ensure that the materials used in the products have a second chance. this movement towards sustainability in beauty is not just a trend, but a necessary evolution in a global context of environmental awareness.


vanessa kuzer 48 years old, born in mozambique, as a child she dreamed of being an elementary school teacher, but ended up studying social work in coimbra, while still working as a social worker on the weekends. she took the makeup course at make: up artist in lisbon as a hobby. she learned from the best artists in the field. names like mario dedivanovic, samer khouzami and charlotte tilbury were part of the learning process. her trademark is the "no makeup look". 


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