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a memo for portuguese brands

a memo for portuguese brands

are you looking to add some unique and high-quality products to your collection? look no further than portuguese brands! portugal is known for its rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship, and its brands are no exception. in this article, we will introduce you to a few examples of the amazing portuguese brands that deserve your attention.

— MISHMASH [office supplies] 

stationery obsessed, perfectionists at heart. mishmash was built on a deep passion for everything office. writing objects have the ability to capture ideas, and that grew into our mission, to inspire you to be adventurous and fulfill your own dreams. all our products are useful, honest and aesthetic, designed down to the smallest detail with simplicity, function and the utmost attention in mind.”

— BLUE 21 SHOP [handmade jewels pieces]

“a hello straight from alentejo! we are ana, marco and service critic vi (…). blue is a project that has been growing, thanks to customers and friends who have supported us and given us immense affection. that's how you walk, getting to know, sharing and making handmade pieces (from college) to adulterous life (attention, we're not that old either, calm down).”

 FREDERICΛ [supplements, vitamins, beauty products and bikinis]

founded by vanessa martins, the main focus of this incredible brand is to provide you with a guide to start living your best life without excuses or regrets. FREDERICΛ is “a friend who is willing to follow you on your transformation journey, delivering wellness advice without ever outlining the route for you”.


“one day a woman had a dream, others joined her, and josefinas were born. josefinas is a portuguese brand born from a dream. in portugal, there is something that has never died: the savoir faire of craftsmen and the passion for an idea. in a country in crisis, where there was little room for dreams, making handmade shoes had a new name: josefinas. 'never give up' has always defined josefinas path. the name josefinas was born in honor of filipa júlios grandmother, the brand's founder.”

SIENNA [clothing line]

“I was born in lisbon. raised by two professional seamstresses who shared the same name, maria, and the passion for tailoring… they were my grannies. growing up their side had an impact in the way I look at the clothes and fashion in general. I inherited their meticulous work ethics and love for detail. sienna started as a hobby and is now my full time job. at sienna I believe in the uniqueness of a small production and pieces that last. I'm always looking for fabrics and details that make my pieces stand out. I don't follow a trend but, there is one thing I always aim for: making clothes for women to feel both comfortable and confident in themselves.”

LEMON JELLY [shoes] 

“lemon jelly is a portuguese company leader in the footwear industry. for lemon jelly, a sustainable fashion mindset started many years ago. a project that starts indoors in the brand factory, with a world wide vision for the planet preservation. we reutilize production waste and old pair of shoes, and close the loop of the production process contributing to a more sustainable process. from recycle to recyclable, plastic is seen from a new perspective when its life is a never-ending circle.”

TOINO ABEL [basketry brand]

“toino abel the 1st-ever brand of portuguese soft-rush baskets. we embraced this craft when it was most needed, rescuing it from inevitable extinction, and in the process, we have become a new generation of crafters. we deal with how this ancient culture can be here and now and, perhaps, how we could offer it to the next ones to follow. (…) we designed our collection of reed basket bags with original patterns and leather accessories that bring beauty, quality, and functionality at a fair price. we produce every single step in-house with care and attention to detail.”

CUSCUZ [sunglasses]

“a father and daughter project, working as a team, combining design with craft - making the best of both worlds. cuscuz is a laboratory where we can explore new materials, new techniques, new designs. it is a space to learn and to collaborate with other creators where we share knowledge and help each other to grow. our shop is based on a made-to-order system. all goods are limited, ethically made in coimbra (portugal) and made-to-order after your purchase. here quality comes before quantity. our products are handmade with reused natural materials.”

BANANA SPLIT [beach pillows, lunch bags and clutch bags]

“banana split is joana. hi! I was living times of uncertainty and monotony when I decided to enroll in a sewing course. that's how I discovered my passion! I started to idealize banana split, a brand that celebrates the lighter and warmer days, the ones where we stretch out until sunset. banana split came to life in 2021. in my small atelier in downtown lisbon, everything is done with my own hands: the design of the patterns, the choice of materials, the sewing and the packaging for shipment and delivery.”

KANOA [iphone cases]

“kanoa is aportuguese fashion accessories brand. created in 2017 by 2 siblings who were only looking for a platform where they could freely express themselves, we are now encouraging our costumers to manifest their expression as well through fashion. we truly believe  that each one of us should be able to choose whoever we wanna be for the day, even if we are choosing to be different from yesterday. (…) at kanoa we constantly adapt our collections to the current fashion trends, while following our own vision and ideas and without ever compromising the quality of our products by producing only the necessary quantities for a sustainable consumption.”

sofia torres is the digital media designer at CINCO. born in '97, she believes her strong passion for what she does enables her to create meaningful work. her educational background includes a master in multimedia design at the university of coimbra. since day one, she's loving working at CINCO.

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