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5 mystery and thriller books to take with you on vacation

5 mystery and thriller books to take with you on vacation

mystery books can be a great addition to your summer reading list, providing excitement, engagement, and the perfect escape from reality while you enjoy your vacation. here are some suggestions to take along!

the hunter,  tana french

set in the small Irish village of ardnakelty, the suspenseful thriller follows cal hooper, a retired american police officer who has settled into a quiet life in ireland. his peace is shattered when trey reddy, a local teenager he's mentored, has her life thrown into chaos by the return of her estranged father, johnny reddy.

johnny introduces a scheme to find gold in the local mountains with an englishman named cillian rushborough. this plan puts trey and the entire village on edge as old secrets and new threats surface. trey is motivated by a desire for revenge for her brother's death, which she believes the townspeople are responsible for. as the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that johnny and rushborough's intentions are anything but honest.

tension reaches its peak when rushborough is found murdered, leading to a series of events in which trey and cal must navigate lies, threats, and their own moral dilemmas. In the end, trey discovers that her own mother is behind the murder and tries to protect her from further harm. the novel explores themes of loyalty, retribution, and the lengths to which people will go to protect their loved ones.

under the storm, christoffer carlsson

this is a gripping scandinavian crime novel that combines a mystery with a coming-of-age story. the story begins in 1994, when a farmhouse in the small swedish town of marbäck burns down and the body of lovisa markström is found inside. she was killed not by fire but by blunt force trauma, leading to the arrest and conviction of her boyfriend, edvard christensson, isak nyqvist's uncle.

isak, a child at the time, is deeply affected by the event. as he grows up, he struggles with the town's prejudices and the shadow of his uncle's crime. the novel also follows vidar jörgensson, a young police officer whose career is defined by the case. both isak and vidar become obsessed with uncovering the truth, leading to personal and professional turmoil.

from the initial investigation in the 1990s to the reopening of the case in 2004 and 2017, the story spans several decades. along the way, real-life events such as the tsunami in thailand and hurricane gudrun are woven into the narrative, adding a layer of realism and depth to the story. the novel explores themes of guilt, redemption, and the impact that a single crime can have on a community and on the lives of individuals.

christoffer carlsson, acclaimed author and professor of criminology, uses his expertise to explore the psychological aspects of crime and its lingering effects. the book has a intricate plotting and detailed character studies, making it a standout in the scandinavian noir genre.

fury, alex michaelides

"the fury" by alex michaelides follows elliot chase, who narrates the story of a vacation on a greek island that turns deadly. the protagonist, lana farrar, invites her friends and family, including her husband jason, son leo, and close friends kate crosby and elliot. the group discovers deep-seated betrayals, culminating in lana's apparent murder. as layers of the mystery are peeled back, it becomes clear that elliot's manipulative schemes and unrequited love for lana play a central role. the novel's structure mimics a greek tragedy, with elliot's unreliable narration leading to a dramatic and twisted conclusion​

the interview, c. m. ewans

kate harding is a former PR professional for a major aircraft manufacturer embroiled in lawsuits over technical problems with their jets. she is called in for an interview at edge communications, a high-end PR agency, at 5 p.m. on a friday. "the interview", conducted by a man named joel, quickly turns sinister and life-threatening. kate finds herself in a tense and dangerous situation, trapped in the office building with no easy way out, and must use her wits and resourcefulness to survive the ordeal.
the atmosphere becomes more claustrophobic and intense, with the protagonist feeling increasingly trapped and frightened. the only way out seems to be to answer a seemingly impossible question posed by the interviewer. the story is a gripping game of cat and mouse, filled with unexpected twists and relentless suspense, making it a compelling read for fans of psychological thrillers.

never, ken follet

through the lens of interconnected events and characters on multiple continents, this geopolitical thriller explores the very real potential for global catastrophe. the story unfolds as a series of seemingly small actions and decisions escalate into a potential global conflict. events include the disappearance of an american drone, chemical threats, and escalating tensions in north korea and the south china sea. each character's actions contribute to the buildup of tension, illustrating how individual choices can have far-reaching consequences.
follett's story highlights the complexity of international relations and the precarious nature of peace in a world where misunderstandings and strategic decisions can have devastating consequences.


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