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what our team is watching this month on tv

what our team is watching this month on tv

what a great article to be released on a sunday… finding anything that is genuinely worth watching might be challenging due to the overwhelming number of tv series released each week!

if you’re looking for something new to binge-watch, we’ve got you covered. sit back, order some takeaway and get ready for our cinco teams’ latest suggestions.

, 1 season [2023 — next episode: june 11, 2023]

"after a nervous breakdown derailed jocelyn's last tour, she's determined to claim her rightful status as the greatest and sexiest pop star in america. tedros, a nightclub impresario with a sordid past, reignite her passions. will her romantic awakening take her to glorious new heights or the deepest, darkest, depths of her soul?", from imdb.

there are two coworkers at the office binge-watching this show right now! they say this show is a great representation of hollywood. “personally, I believe that the show portrays what most famous people experience. it makes me think of the romantic crime dramas from the 1970s and 1980s when the good girl falls in love with the bad guy… however, jocelyn is not particularly good in this case, and tedros is the worst type of boy.”

after making an appearance at the cannes film festival last month and receiving a negative review from rolling stone, this show has drawn attention from critics. fans have seemed to have adopted mixed feelings since the first episode was released at the beginning of june. most people say this show is well-written, it has gorgeous cinematography and excellent acting and performances! well… we will have to wait for the next episode to find out more.

— RABO DE PEIXE/TURN OF THE TIDE, 1 season [2023]

"four friends whose lives changed forever with the arrival of a ton of cocaine.", from imdb.

it’s safe to say that everyone at the office is obsessed with this show! the portuguese show rabo de peixe, which was shot on the portuguese island of são miguel in the azores, fascinates the audience with an engaging plot, from start to finish. this show explores the challenges of living in a small town and the unexpected barriers that come up while dealing with unusual circumstances.

the show provides an in-depth analysis of the human spirit and the decisions we make when are pushed to the limit. in my opinion,
rabo de peixe offers a brilliant cast, an intelligent plot and superb realisation. a portuguese product of such excellence… congratulations to everyone who was involved. I believe it's a giant step forward for the portuguese television industry

— THE MARVELOUS MRS MAISEL, 5 seasons [2017-2023]

"after her husband leaves her, young mother of two miriam "midge" maisel discovers that she has a talent for stand-up comedy. could this be her calling?”,
from imdb.
I must confess I have had this show on my waiting list, for a long time now… this is our editor-in-chief of CINCO editorial recommendation, so take notes! based on my research this show is fantastic. it is both visually and figuratively colorful. you won't ever get bored because they quickly talk and move between scenes. the on-stage comedy is truly entertaining, and the episodes have several instances of micro-comedy that will make you laugh out loud. the short seasons are the only negative aspect. the writing and performances are just excellent that keep you wanting more...

— EXTRAPOLATIONS, 1 season [2023]

"unanticipated stories of how the upcoming changes to our planet will affect love, faith, work and family on a personal and human scale.", from imdb.
our in-house photographer recommendation: extrapolations. this show is a new apple tv+ anthology series that explores the effects of climate change on our world. the series has eight interconnected stories, each of which focuses on a different aspect of climate change and its impact on people's lives. as a fan of black mirror, I expect to like this show as well.

I’ve watched one episode and I can say, for sure, the locations are stunning and the cinematography is breathtaking. due to its futuristic setting, the technology is still somewhat futuristic but not completely outlandish. although it is somewhat similar to
black mirror in that each episode has its own narrative and cast of characters, the structure of the story remains intact and certain characters are seen throughout their lifetimes, which is pretty fascinating… although the series doesn't provide simple answers, it does make us consider our decisions and how they affect the environment. I think anyone concerned about the future of our world should watch it!

— DON’T BREATHE, movie [2016]

"hoping to walk away with a massive fortune, a trio of thieves break into the house of a blind man who isn't as helpless as he seems.", from imdb.
this is the perfect thriller if you're looking for one! I’ve watched this movie on the advice of three coworkers, and I now advise you to do the same. there are so many twists and turns that the moment you think you're okay done, there comes another twist. don't breathe is superbly directed, acted and produced.

the terror is amplified by even the sound. three friends break into a blind veteran's rundown house and steal the money that he has. the house is so well constructed that it almost seems like another character. stephen lang performed flawlessly in the role of a blind soldier. the director provides everything you need to watch it on the edge of your seat...
go grab some popcorn and get set!

— THE BEAR, 1 season [2022 — season 2 premiere: june 22, 2023]

"a young chef from the fine dining world returns to chicago to run his family's sandwich shop.”,
from imdb.
our design interns say this is a must-watch show! “given how dramatic every episode was, I am relieved that they were all brief.” he says the soundtrack selection is superb, and the shots and sets are artistic but not “pompous”. rolling stone says the bear’ is the most stressful thing on tv right now but it’s also great.

the show, set in a busy chicago sandwich shop, creates an extraordinary atmosphere. as chefs' tempers exploded, kitchen equipment malfunctioned, and no amount of time appeared sufficient to ensure that everything was prepared in time for the arrival of hungry clients. “
smart, tense and most of all, real.

sofia torres is the digital media designer at CINCO. born in '97, she believes her strong passion for what she does enables her to create meaningful work. her educational background includes a master in multimedia design at the university of coimbra. since day one, she's loving working at CINCO.

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